Friday, September 9, 2011

21 is just about here

i guess you can say this is an exciting birthday because i am legal but lets just say its not for all the reasons that any other 21 year old would be excited for. there are about three things that i am excited about

1. when my cousin asks me to go to a concert with her i never have to wonder if its 21 and older i can just go and not have to worry.

2.we've been wanting to go to this bar (but not what your thinking)with our friends because they said they have good garlic burgers and Adam's been waiting patiently for me to go to turn 21 so that we can go and try them.

3.when people find out that I'm married and only 20 i wont get the whole lecture your too young or the oh my gosh why would you do that, people its only a one year difference and between 20 and 21 and if anything its helped me grow up a little bit more and i honestly couldn't be happier!

ok but this also freaks me out! i'm getting OLD! ok so not exactly old but i'm seriously starting to grow up. not sure why it hit me this birthday (mid life crisis?) ha i don't know but 20 has been a good year and i'm excited to see what happens in year 21

just a recap of year 20...

got engaged and married

enjoyed sometime snowboarding

flew a kite for the first time

got a nephew!

there have been so many more memories but thanks for a good year and i've got to say that i'm starting off year 21 pretty good , in hawaii!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

its about time

so i made this blog seriously about a year ago and never could figure out how to do but finally i have figured it out(well the basics).

just thought i'd update everyone on what has been going on in our life as of lately and during summer. i finally finished school the end of June and from there on life was a little crazy! we went camping with the Wilcox side of the family in kolob(southern Utah) for 3 days and for a girl who isn't the biggest fan of camping it was a fun weekend with the family, we shot guns, did knife and hatch throwing , ate smores, cobbler and just enjoyed spending time with the family. lets just say i went camping this last summer more that i have within the last 5 years. I'm in young women's in my ward and absolutely love it so i spent a week at girls camp with my P5 Lilly's. a few weeks after rejuvenating from my camping trips we headed down to Laguna Beach, California with the Lords side. this was the first family vacation with the Lords side and it was a blast! so many new traditions and a week at the beach with the best in-laws. on our way back to Salt Lake we stopped in Vegas to see our cute nephew get blessed. it was a great summer and now we are just back to the swing of things in Salt Lake.